What Are Different Types of Blackhead Remover

Published: 20th April 2006
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People with acne may have different types of lesions on their skin. These can be whiteheads,
blackheads, pimples, and cysts. Where do they come from? Your skin is full
of tiny holes called pores. If a pore gets clogged with oil, dead skin, and
bacteria, the top surface can darken and you're left with a blackhead. With
a blackhead, the pore stays open. But if the pore closes, we call it as
Whitehead. Question is-Why do Doctors remove blackheads? If blackheads are
not removed, over time the body will start to attack the tissue around the
plug and can/will cause permanent scars. If you do have clogged pores and
unsightly blackheads. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

What are you using to remove your blackheads? The best way to remove your
blackhead is to use tiny tool "BLACKHEAD REMOVER" of stainless steel.
This article will tell you about different types of stainless steel
blackhead removers.

Comedone extractor with lancet:

Has two ends. One is Lancet to make hole in blackhead, and other is
extractor to press out the dirty material from blackhead. This is most
common extractor used by professionals as well as by household consumers.
Both ends can be screwed in stainless steel bar. This extractor is available
in mirror polished, titanium coating as well as in Gold plated finish.
Lancet can be of small and large sizes. Extractor end has only one tiny

Double Spoon Comedone extractor:

This is really a great tool for those who have big blackheads. Moreover this
tool is excellent for beginners as it does not cause any damage or scar to
skin. This tiny tool has one expended spoon shaped end with 7 to 19 small
holes. If you have larger blackhead use this end. Has also smaller spoon
shapped end for extracting small blackheads. This tool is excellent for
opened acne lesions like blackheads, however for larger whiteheads, you may
have to use tool with lancet first and the extract all material with this

Fine Loop Extractor or Schamberg comedone
"blackhead" extractor:

Can be used for both Blackheads as well as for whiteheads. Why it is called
Fine Loop, as it has two very fine loop ends. It is the tool of choice with
professionals because it is simple, precise, built to last a lifetime, and
because it works! Unlike probing fingers, this "TOOL KIT" pinpoints and
extracts with minimal disturbance to other pores in the area. If you don't
want to pay a Doctor a hundred dollars or so a session, and you believe you
can do this, try this tool. How many men and women spend money making their
finger tips look good and next to nothing on keeping blackheads off their
chins? TOO MANY!! Make the effort to look your best. In Market, you may find
5 types of Schamberg comedone "blackhead" extractor, a complete kit for
professionals with extra fine and regular points.

8 in 1 Comedone extractor kit:

This is a bit hard to find blackhead remover Complete Kit. 8 extractors with
one bar, a beautiful gift for professionals and home consumers. This kit
contains double loop extractor, single loop extractor, fine loop extractor,
with 2 lancets in different sizes. All extractors can be fixed to the bar
and used according to need. Excellent choice of Professional Aestheticians
to remove deep, superficial blackheads and white heads. This
kit comprises of every thing that a Dermatologist or home consumer needs to
extract blackheads or whiteheads. Nothing is better than this kit.

NEVER try to remove any pimple that does not have a head on it. You could
create an infection. If your pimples are the cystic type, better leave the
job to a professional, especially if it is hot to the touch. NEVER share
your personal tools with anyone to prevent yourself from Blood born
infections like Hepatitis B, C and HIV etc.

If you want to see complete range and more types of Blackhead removers,


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